Seloy Live set to wow at ISE 2018!

Interactive glass ‘City’ will showcase unique tech

Seloy Live is upping the ante at this year’s ISE with its very own SeloyLive City (stand 15-S290). Boasting a shop-front window powering POSeidon’s POS solution, an ‘ice bar’ projecting the Northern Lights, a mini ‘movie theatre’, and a transparent/opaque interactive touch-glass prototype, SeloyLive City is set to wow attendees to ISE 2018 – taking place at the Amsterdam RAI from 6-9 February 2018.

Seloy Live’s SENSE technology is employed across Seloy Live’s stand. A state-of-the-art combination of a transparent insulating glass unit and interactive touch foil surface ­– enabling it
to also function as a regular window when switched off – SENSE is available in any size up to
3m x 6m for indoor and outdoor use, with ‘true zero’ bezels (in other words, there are none!) and boasts a touch response rate of 5-9ms.

The company’s SHADE glass technology is also featuring, as part of a new transparent/opaque interactive touch-glass prototype that combines SHADE and SENSE and functions in both transparent and non-transparent mode. SHADE boasts electronically adjustable transparency via a separate circuit breaker, allowing the user to toggle between transparent glass and non-transparent opaque – whilst a transparency dimmer function can also support up to six different opaque colour options.

“We’re very excited about ISE 2018,” says Jukka Vänskä, Seloy Live COO. “Our interactive touch window/glass technology is unique and there’s nothing to match it. At this year’s ISE we will have much more to show and more stories to tell of our successes, and we look forward to meeting many more attendees who I’m sure will be wowed by what we have to offer.”


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