Seloy Live Scene

Seloy Live SCENE looks good!

Seloy Live SCENE is a way to transform any glass into a projection surface. It’s a clever way to turn a meeting room or a shop into an experience using windows and glass walls. With Seloy Live SCENE you can change the atmosphere of a space to fit the targeted mood and feeling. Scene allows your façade to come alive with no seams or big black screens behind windows. When you decide not to show content, the window is see-through and looks just like any window.

Content can be operated with a simple PC or media player and this makes changing the content also extremely easy. This way Seloy Live SCENE can transform the atmosphere of a space with just a press of a button. To make the experience even more supercharged, we can also add sound to SCENE without any external speakers.


Seloy Live SCENE - Main Features


Glass size: unlimited (up to 3000x6000 mm in a single pane)

Projection area: unlimited, depends on the glass area and the number of projectors

OS Support: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

Additional hardware: Projector & PC or Media player

Thermal insulation, Sound reduction, Burglary resistance, Fire protection – all supported and built in during the design phase if needed.

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