Seloy Live sense

Interactive and Touch Controllable Glass

Our leading product is Seloy Live SENSE, which is a state-of-the-art combination of a transparent insulating glass unit and an interactive touch surface. We have combined both of these technologies into one amazing patent pending product. SENSE is available in any size up to 3 x 6 meters and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The product has its touch-technology built securely inside the glass, hence extending the life of the product. The technology is protected from vandalism, weather conditions etc. and allows surfaces to be washed and cleaned just like a normal window surface.

SENSE brings ’wow’ for instance into retail installations, corporate buildings as well as public environments. In retail, the eye-catching content will entice potential customers to interact with your brand better. In the corporate world, SENSE enhances the brand image among visiting stakeholders.


Seloy Live SENSE - Main Features


Glass size: up to 2900x5700 mm

Projection area: unlimited, depends on the glass area and the number of projectors

Touch size: unlimited, depends on the number of foils embedded inside glass panels

Number of touch points: up to hundreds, depends on the number of connected touch sensors.

Response: 5 ms response rate

OS Support: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, Ubuntu12.04

Touch detection: Projected capacitive

Additional hardware: Projector & PC or Media player

Cabling: one USB cable as a default

Thermal insulation, Sound reduction, Burglary resistance, Fire protection – all supported and built in during the design phase if needed.

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