Seloy Live Shade

More Freedom in Meeting Rooms!

Today’s corporate life brings about new challenges for meeting room use. Some meetings may require more privacy than others. Seloy Live SHADE products are a perfect solution for this.

SHADE meeting room glass walls have a transparency option which allows toggling between fully transparent glass and non-transparent opaque glass. We have also integrated touch function in SHADE allowing the digital content to be projected and interacted with on the glass wall. When the content is projected on glass, the glass is non-transparent and opaque. SHADE can also be used in public buildings, for example in hospitals to replace window blinds and increase privacy.


Seloy Live SHADE – Main Features


Glass size: up to 1800x3000 mm

Glass construction: 4+4 mm, 5+5 mm, 6+6 mm or 8+8 mm

Sound reduction: Rw 36-39 dB depending on glass thickness

Off-state: opaque appearance

On-state: clear view

Haze: < 8%

Response time: <0,1 sec

Cabling: Two electrical cables

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