Seloy Live shine

Semi-transparent mirrored glass.

SHINE is a customised mirror solution product that augments existing professional displays –  a unique proposition that is not limited to the size or shape of a display. When the content is switched off, SHINE functions and looks just like a regular mirror. When the content is on, it’s clearly visible through SHINE. An integrated touch feature ensures that SHINE’s semi-transparent mirrored glass can support up to 100 touch points with a response rate of 5 ms. It is also available without touch functionality. SHINE adds mirrored wizardry to retail installations, hotels, bars, restaurants, museums, theme parks and hair salons – just to name a few examples!


Seloy Live SHINE – Main Features


Glass size: up to 3100x2400 mm

Glass thickness: 6 mm

Display size: Unlimited, possibility to add multiple screens

Touch size: up to 105" in one touch area

Number of touch points: up to a hundred

Response: 5 ms response rate

Touch principle: projected capasitive

Additional hardware: Media player

OS Support: Windows 10,8,7, Ubuntu 12.04, Linux, MAC OS X, Chrome OS, Android

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