SHINE technical details & development

SHINE in a nutshell

Well, you all probably already know what SHINE is, but here’s a little bit more technical details and possibilities how to use it. We are also working on product development and below there’s a little “sneak peak” about what we are working on at the moment.

Creative ways to utilize surfaces is a growing trend and there’s constantly need to adapt under the changing demands – our customized interactive mirror is convenient design element, but it also creates the wow effect to customers with stunning content.

Briefly explained, on the top there’s a special coated mirror and behind the mirror glass is a high brightness display – content shown in the mirror can basically be anything. You can have it with or without touch feature. When the screen is turned off, mirror maintains a mirrored appearance. When the screen is turned on, the image on the screen shows through.  

Round SHINE with 1700mm diameter in IHF Finland lobby

Regarding the content there are several options. The embedded CMS (Content Management System) allows you to edit and play simple content (pictures, text & video), schedule a playlist and even group and control signages via remote control without needing a separate PC or software. This makes content management easy and user-friendly.

If you want something special, you can run it with separate Player/PC/webserver. Heavy interactive content needs external player, which is connected HDMI to screen, touch feature requires one free usb-port. You can also run a webpage – just add site URL to embedded CMS.

Technical details:

  • Basic sizes are 32”, 43”, 49” & 55”
  • Size and shape of the mirror is customizable
  • Touch feature PCAP
  • Touch points 10
  • Mounting with standard VESA 200x200, 400x400

What to do with SHINE:

  • Advertise, inform, entertain, and get attention
  • Display time, news, social media, weather, calendar etc.
  • Platform for games (simple games to play with touch)
  • Wayfinding – shopping districts, cruiseships, public areas
  • Use it to create different kinds of atmospheres and feels
  • Part of an interactive elevator – promote and inform
  • In cabins to combine a tv or an info display and a mirror to save space and get a modern feel
  • Use it  as corporate internal communication board
  • In retail areas to enhance customer service and add sales

As a hardware producer we don’t produce the content, these are just ideas to implement

Shine development - a rolling stone gathers no moss!

We want to fulfill our customer expectations, and therefore we have started to develop a framed SHINE. Our aim is to offer a beautifully finished ready-to-use product in addition to the entirely customisable SHINE. This is still a work in progress, but we have the first prototypes done already. The frames are made of finnish pine, nicely coated with black paint. Have to say it looks cool. However, these are just prototypes and we are still working on providing the best possible solution.

SHINE development

If you have projects where you need custom solutions, we are open for new ideas and suggestions. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us in any matter. We are here at your disposal!

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Technical sales
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