Smart signage in marine industry

The digital signage market value was USD 19,78 billion in 2018, according to the new Fortune Business Insights report. It is expected to reach USD 35,94 billion by 2026. Rising efforts to make cities smarter through advanced technology has accelerated this growth. This is something which should be also considered in the maritime industry. We should see big cruise ships as floating smart cities. In principle there are all the same functions as in cities – and customers do have the same or maybe even higher expectations for their trip.  

Smart signage

Today’s cruise passengers demand more than ever before. They are looking for spectacular wow-effects and want to be entertained, but at the same time everything should offer some concrete benefits. Guests want everything to be easily accessible – boarding, dinner reservations, shopping etc. Enhancing the guest experience and providing flexibility are key points which will lead to customer satisfaction and higher revenues. When a single passenger only spends a limited amount of time onboard, it makes sense to create new easy and efficient ways for spending.

There has been talk about digital transformation in the marine industry for several years now. According to a Global Survey by McKinsey, more than 80% of the organizations interviewed had attempted some form of digital transformation in the past years. However, only 23% reported having succesfully improved performance through digital transformation. So, the right solution in the right place is crucial for the transformation to be a success – it must bring added value to customers.  

Why not use mirror surfaces to make a space SHINE

We believe that cutting edge visual technology combined with inspirational interactive content creates immersive customer encounters that are memorable and shareable. That’s why our customized glass surfaces are the best in the world. SeloyLive SHINE interactive mirror is a great interface for various types of interactive content, but also a convenient interior design element. With our SHINE you can blend signage in interior so that it is only visible when really needed or it can be accessible all the time. P-CAP touch feature allows more options and flexibility. The special coating reduces fingerprints and makes your mirror easy to clean. SeloyLive Shine can go big: the screen size is virtually unlimited by adding multiple frameless screens.

Here's where we see potential in implementing SHINE:

Retail areas

  • Enhance customer service and add sales by providing product information and offers
  • Pre-orders and feedback
  • Making shopping easier and more comfortable

Sanitary rooms

  • For simple promotions and information


  • Guests want to get around the ship easily. If they can find everything quicker with less stress and frustration, they will be more satisfied.

Instant social media share

  • Increase the sense of community – share pictures in social media channels

Facial recognition

  • Helps boarding for example


  • Detailing events, activities, restaurants, menus, shore excursions and port of call for the day

In cabins

  • Combine a tv or an information display and a mirror to save space and create a modern feel
  • Use it as a interface for HVAC and lightning
  • Make shopping possible by pre-ordering directly from your cabin
  • Use a chat feature to contact information desk for questions


  • Live feed from cruise
  • Customized promotions


  • Inform about dj's, artists etc.
  • Drink of the day
  • Create atmosphere

Hair salon

  • Hair colour simulation
  • Advertise wellness products

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