The Future of Bars and Clubs
Where there is nightlife, there are mirrors! Mirror displays can create futuristic atmosphere around the dance floor or can be used as a platform for audience to, for example, vote for the next song or any other playable content. With SHINE you can have the best of both worlds – a mirror surface and digital signage features.

SENSE augmented window can be used for example in a window next to an entrance. Customers could check the menu, see live feed from inside, scroll through future programme for gig’s and even buy tickets. For places where people are queuing up, people about the get inside could already order drinks that will be waiting for them when they get inside.

Seloy Live customised glass products can be used for:

  • bar & club promotion
  • digital signage
  • interactive glass facade
  • brand awareness
  • platform for interactive content
  • creating different atmospheres using suitable content
  • live feed from your vivid restaurant or club
  • start serving your customer even before they get in

Seloy Live products can be used instead of:

  • LCD screens
  • LED screens
  • Transparent LED Displays
  • LED glass
  • Media facade
  • Regular smart glass

Recommended products:

  • SHINE Interactive mirror
  • SENSE Augmented interactive window

Seloy Live Sense makes your facade look interesting and invites to interact.


Sense is also perfect for promotions.

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