Becoming a reseller partner to Seloy Live brings many benefits

Unique solutions rom Seloy Live give opportunity for resellers to Provide additional value added to end customers; projectors, media players, digital content as well as complete system design, installation and maintenance. This leads to improved sales and profits in addition to the easy sell of the differentiating Seloy Live platforms, like SENSE.

Robust, high quality Seloy Live products are simple to install, even in large image sizes. This helps in winning large scale projects.

Easy maintenance of the  products make resellers’ life easy while improving customer satisfaction.

Professional Seloy Live team is straight forward and easy to work with. Seloy Live marketing materials and website provide resellers with seamless support to sell customers the value added related to Seloy Live platforms.

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Seloy Live parent company Seloy Ltd’s decades of glass processing know how and capability enables building truly customized solutions meeting specific customer needs.

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