The Future of Restaurants
Customers don’t come to a restaurant just to get something to eat. To create an experience you need to be able to provide something new and memorable. SENSE in the outdoor window would let potential customers see whether there are free tables or book a table. SHINE could be used on the walls so you could order directly from the screen, or to read about specials and promotions. Static glass walls could be brought to life with SENSE by projecting atmospheric content onto the glass and switching transparency for more privacy.

Seloy Live products can be used for:

  • Restaurant promotions
  • Entertainment
  • Customer engagement
  • Digital signage
  • Interactive glass facade
  • Brand awareness

Seloy Live products can be used instead of:

  • LCD screens
  • LED screens
  • Transparent LED Displays
  • LED glass
  • Media facade
  • Regular smart glass

Recommended products:

  • SENSE Augmented interactive window
  • SHINE Interactive mirror

Bring your static windows to good use with Sense.


Make the walls come alive and create an inspiring atmosphere with Sense.

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