The Future of Car Showrooms
Car stores and showrooms usually have big glass facades to let everyone see the beauties inside the store. With our products the glass surfaces could be utilized to provide information of the cars in store and even let people book a time for a test drive or inform sales that they are interested in a certain model. Furhermore, glass can be used to let people look inside cars and scroll through the features of different models.

Interactive glass surface can also be used for customer to scroll through different options in materials, colours etc. and see how their choices change the appearance of the car.

Seloy Live augmented windows can be used for:

  • Promotions
  • Interactive glass facade
  • Brand awareness
  • Scrolling and choosing different options and feature packs
  • Customer interaction 24/7
  • Providing information

Seloy Live products can be used instead of:

  • LCD screens
  • LED screens
  • Transparent LED Displays
  • LED glass
  • Media facade
  • Regular smart glass

Recommended products:

  • SENSE Augmented interactive window
  • SHINE Interactive mirror

Sense can bring glass facades to life.

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