Cleanroom for interactive products

Seloy Live cleanroom for lamination

Cleanroom for lamination

Back in the days when we started the product development for interactive glass, we didn’t really have proper facilities to do our work. We get a lot of praise from our customers regarding overall cleanliness in our factory, but still we noticed that there’s too much dirt and dust in the factory air. It was almost impossible to make a perfect lamination for example. Lamination of touch foils is still relatively often done in office spaces or spaces where the air quality creates problems for the end result. We tried to figure out how to enhance this and the only solution to reach top level of quality which we expect from our products, was to build a cleanroom. Our brand-new cleanroom was completed in the end of 2017 and after that it has been used for numerous purposes.

Cleanroom is a room where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled and which is constructed and used in a manner that minimizes contaminants in the air. It is very important in lamination for example – even the smallest particle is visible on the glass surface. Those small particles can create air bubbles to foils. Typically, a cleanroom is built inside of another building. This is the best way to control air-pressure and avoid condensation and humidity problems in wall structures.

Our cleanroom is ISO 8-standard (1 = cleanest, 9 = least clean). During commissioning, particle measurements has been made and those results are scaled to meet ISO 6 grade. Official level is ISO 8, but if required, we can improve the level up to ISO 6. However, current level is enough to maintain high quality in our products.

Lamination process

Before taking the glass to cleanroom, it is cut to right size and washed in an automated glass washer to ensure the cleanest glass surface possible. The glass is imported into the cleanroom through a purpose-built slot. Inside the cleanroom, desired film is laminated to the glass, up to size 3210x6000mm. We also have specially developed tables with airflow – airbed on the table surface helps moving the glass to avoid any scratches to the glass. There’s also a temporary storage and drying place for products in progress.

Cleanroom specs:

  • Grade: ISO 8 (ISO 6 if needed)
  • Glass max. size 3210 x 6000mm
  • Options for glass:
    • Tempered glass 4-12mm
    • Laminated glass 6,8-12,8mm
    • Smart mirrors 6mm / 8.8mm laminated
    • Anti-reflective glass 6mm / 8.8mm laminated
    • Plus many others that we have on stock or on our range
  • Various films can be laminated to the glass, for example interactive PCAP films

Need help in lamination?

We of course use our cleanroom while manufacturing our own products SENSE & SHINE, but our will is to do more. We can supply different versions and range of cover glass+touch foils laminated together.  Contact us at any stage of the project and we will help you to figure out the best solution for you. We do have the capacity to produce large quantities as well!