Dreaming of an Optiwhite Christmas

Optiwhite glass

We often come across a debate where Optiwhite or ultra-clear glass is mistakenly called iron-free glass. There is no completely iron-free glass, the more correct name is low-iron glass, the name Low-iron is also known in the English glass industry. We cal the glass here ultra-clear glass. The color-causing constituents, i.e. iron and chromium oxides, have been removed from the glass mass of the ultra-clear glass, so the glass is clearer than regular float glass.

In ultra-clear glass, the amount of iron, i.e. greening, is reduced to a minimum. Its light transmittance is very high and the glass is virtually colorless, making it ideal for applications where transparency and pure colors are required. Therefore, it is ideal for places where the edges of the glass are visible or where a neutral color tone is desired. Its light transmission is 1% higher at 3mm and  6% higher at15mm than that of clear float glass. One of the reasons for the success of ultra-clear glass is its flexibility; it can be tempered or laminated in addition to being used wherever one would use regular float glass. Product names include Pilkington Optiwhite and Guardian UltraClear.

Architects, building makers and designers have long favored ultra-clear glass. The product was previously primarily used for interior solutions, but in recent years it has become common in building as well. Ultra-clear glass is a good choice also for the outer glazing of buildings, because the colors are clear and true when viewed through the glass. These same features also help create right interiors full of natural light. Ultra-clear glass also works with thick laminated glass combinations, so it is also used in shop windows and facades. Naturally we also use it with our interactive window SENSE.  Ultra-clear glass is also ideal for railings, balconies, doors, partitions and stairs and is also still used as interior glass, such as glass tables, shelves, shower walls, glass showcases and kitchen interiors – where the brightness of the glass enhances the appearance of the furniture.

Ultra-clear glass lets in a large amount of solar thermal radiation, reducing the need for heating on cold sunny days. Combining it with, for example, solar control glass reduces the risk of thermal breakage and reduces the need for tempering, while also providing a high level of sun protection and low emissivity.

Key qualities:

  • Almost colorless compared to clear float glass
  • High light transmission gives exceptional transparency and pure colors
  • Ensures a natural, bright view;
    • Improves the aesthetics of laminated glass
    • Thanks to its transparency, the colors look real even in thick laminated composite glass units
  • Lets plenty of light through;
    • Maximize the heat from the sun on cold sunny days
  • Exceptional consistency of quality and performance;
    • Can be hardened or laminated
    • We keep in stock, 4 mm, 6 mm and laminated with 4 + 4 0.76 film, as well as coated versions of these.