The Future of Corporate Facilities

Banking and finance sector can utilize our products perfectly in advertising and customer service purposes. SENSE augmented window can be used in façade windows for advertising, engaging customers and creating a brand message already on the street with eye-catching technology. SHINE mirror displays can be used in waiting areas instead of conventional displays to give an impression of a technologically advanced brand. Mirros can also be used in restrooms to run relevant information.

Seloy Live augmented windows can be used for:
- corporate offices and meeting rooms
- brand awareness
- advertising in an engaging and eyecatching way
- waiting areas to give a feeling of a space with big mirror surfaces or instead of traditional displays

Seloy Live products can be used instead of
- LCD screens
- LED screens
- Transparent LED Displays
- LED glass
- Media facade
- Regular smart glass

Recommended products:
- SENSE Augmented interactive window
- SHINE Interactive mirror