Crew introduction part 2

Jonne Ylikännö at Seloy Live

Hello everyone. Now it´s time for part two of our Seloy Live crew introduction.
My name is Jonne Ylikännö (“Hurricane” as one of our partners used to pronounce my difficult surname) and I work in sales here at Seloy Live. I`ve been working for technical sales at Seloy for almost two and a half years now, focusing more on the construction side of things e.g. insulating glass units and fire-resistant glass. In the beginning of this year I switched my focus more to the Seloy Live sales, and since then I’ve learned a lot of new things regarding interactivity in the glass and about selling to companies outside the building industry as well. So far everything has gone better than I hoped for – of course the biggest reason for that is this super team we have!

I would also like to tell you a few things about myself. I have lived here in Huittinen, Finland almost my whole life. There was only short four years period of school in Tampere between 2006 and 2010 when I was away from “home”. I am 34 years old and father of three children, all under the age of eight. I have a wife and a dog also waiting for me at home after work so I can tell you I have no difficulties finding things to do on my free time.
Before Seloy I worked in the steel industry as a supervisor in a foundry for more than six years. My education is Master of Engineering and I graduated from my latest studies in TAMK University of Applied Sciences in June 2017. My hobbies include hockey (in fact I have played in the same team with Antti before), skiing, jogging and all kinds of sports in general. I’ve also picked up reading, I mainly like to read biographies.

There are a lot of interesting projects going on at the moment, keeping us nice and busy. I like working for Seloy Live because I feel it gives me a lot. As the main market is in Europe, I get to travel which keeps my mind fresh – not only because I can be away from home for a little while but because projects are very interesting and rewarding. Of course, we have lot of interesting projects here in Finland as well and the Central library Oodi in Helsinki, as Antti already told you, is probably the most well-known. Now our latest project is here in our hometown – an interactive window in the office of our volleyball team LP Vampula who are playing in Finnish national league. I can´t wait what future brings with interactive glass solutions – hopefully a lot of new customers and partnerships to benefit from our customised glass surfaces.

And finally – if I were a type of glass, I would definitely be laminated low-iron glass, really safe and always bright 🙂