Crew introduction Henri the CEO

Henri Kiuru at Seloy Live

Hello everybody,

My name is Henri, althought everyone knows me as Henkka. I’m the current managing director in both of our companies, parent company Seloy and our subsidiary Seloy Live. I’ve been working in our family company for a long time during my life and I’ve seen nearly every job that can be done here starting from various jobs in production, doing different administrative tasks, being actively involved in sales and now running the whole business. While I have always known I’ll come back home at some point of my life, I’ve still gathered experience from other fields also. I studied entrepreneurship in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and with studies, we ran our own company with 7-13 entrepreneurs. After graduating I spent a couple of months on a round-the-world trip. After that I founded a company with three partners, focusing in content creation and video production. We worked closely with huge global brands in Finland, such as Nokia, Finnair, UPM and Suunto to mention a few. I worked as managing director there until in January 2012, when I came back to Huittinen and continued to work for Seloy permanently.

I live in Huittinen with my family in a house very close to our factory. Although life is hectic and dominated by work, we try to find time every day to spend time and to play with our two fast-moving and fast-growing kids. To get some mental rest for myself, I belong to very a very active Round Table club (RT-86 Huittinen) and I also try to find some time to play golf and floorball. Me and my wife are both food and wine lovers so we enjoy good dinners.

My professional role today is very multi-functional. On daily basis I run our companies and create, improve and implement our strategy and develop our processes. In addition I also have several trusted positions in other fields. I’m the current chairman in a network of family owned companies in Satakunta Region. I’m also vice-chairman in one local company and I have positions in a couple of work groups in the education sector. My most important position outside of our own business, is being vice-chairman in the Finnish Flat Glass Association. This association oversees and controls the interests of finnish glass prosessors and other companies working with glass and also educates and gives statements and official opinions in legal topics related to safety and usage of glass. I find this a crucial place to truly grasp and make an impact regarding the development of the whole industry. Glass as a material is, as we all know, largely used all around buildings and usage of glass is only growing. At the same time, appreciation of the know-how and the added value that companies can add to improve overall level of construction industry and eco-construction is not what it should be. We in Flat Glass Association are working very hard to improve the level of glass knowledge among professionals and to find new ways to use glass as a material in several business sectors.

With our interactive products, we are implementing a new approach and a new strategy. I believe that glass has a lot more to give to digital signage applications and commercial spaces in general. Glass is not just a construction material that protects people and property. Technically it can improve features in various currently widely used solutions and products. In addition it can be a surface that gives an edge to the spaces, creates unforgettable experiences for customers and amplifies engagement. Ultimately, it can provide a jaw-dropping reaction from anyone who comes across clever and never-seen-before use cases. However, you need someone who has proven record of knowing exactly what glass can or can’t do and has ability to really make it happen. This is what we at Seloy are all about and my main work is to push boundaries and spread the word. For example our mirror display, SHINE, is not only a conventional display. It can be so much more by giving that final touch in creating your POS or digital signage solution or space that unique and unforgettable, even magical experience.

If you got this far I thank you for reading my introduction. In conclusion, if I were a glass I would be laminated optiwhite-glass. Flexible and durable yet positive and bright.