The things you can do with SENSE

Seloy Live SENSE augmented interactive window

Encouraging customer interaction is what everyone is trying to do and we provide a solution for just that. With SENSE augmented interactive window you can advertise your current promotions and change them as often as you want. You can create entertaining content to really stand out of inform your customers about upcoming events. Here are a few examples on what SENSE can do just to get your ideas going.

In the window of a real-estate agency
Use a screen or a projected image to show pictures of the properties for sale in the window, add videos with explanatory audio or background music to make the video more appealing. Create a qr code to read with your phone for the details of each property or for sending a request for more information. Engage with the potential buyers 24/7 and make the window inviting and interesting.

Outside of a movie theater
Make it possible for people passing by to interact with the window, to look at trailers of the movies and to buy tickets safely via their phone.

In the window of a department store
Promote your products with SENSE when the store is closed. Make it possible to browse through the products on display, see the materials and even to buy or reserve an item.
Encourage people to interact with the window by games and competitions and give them a promotion code in reward.

In public areas
Use SENSE for wayfinding or inform about opening hours, the weather outside or latest news. Make it possible to order a taxi from the window or check for timetables for public transport. Use Sense to create atmosphere by projecting picture on a large glass surface.

In hospitals
Use SENSE with an antibacterial coating instead of regular screens to make cleaning easier and to prevent bacteria from growing.

Let us know where you would like to use SENSE and we’ll make it happen.