SENSE touch window fights bacteria with new coating

Long-lasting solution is the most hygienic yet

Seloy Live, manufacturer of innovative interactive glass is delighted to announce that its unique SENSE interactive touch window is now protected against bacteria and other germs thanks to the addition of Fineko’s safe and environmentally friendly Total Protect™ film coating. With multi-touch displays in the news recently for coliform bacteria contamination, Seloy Live’s announcement is a timely one. Attendees at this year’s ISE can certainly feel reassured that they are better protected against infection!

Fineko Total Protect™ products have a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect, destroying gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi. The scientifically proven protection provided is long-lasting and can only be removed mechanically, meaning there is less need for surface disinfection. The active ingredients’ duration of action is lengthened by low evaporation, and eventually an antimicrobial film forms on the surface. This improves hygiene safety for people working in and visiting public spaces.

“We are delighted to be able to announce this innovative advancement in screen hygiene for our SENSE product range,” says Seloy Live COO Jukka Vänskä. “Attendees at ISE 2019 will be able to experience the coating at first hand – although they won’t be able to note any difference to performance! What they should be more confident of is that our display solutions won’t be the ones at the exhibition passing on germs!”

With interactivity secure within the glass – and customisable to work across some or all of the total available area – SENSE is protected from vandalism and weather, and can be washed just like a regular window. Normally, cleaning a surface coated with Total Protect™ two or three times with regular detergents would mean that the surface would have to be treated again. However, Seloy Live has developed a bespoke Total Protect solution that also includes alcohol-based cleaning solution, renewing the antibacterial effect each time the SENSE display is cleaned.
Thermal insulation, sound reduction, fire protection and theft resistance functionality are also all supported by Seloy Live, and can all be built in to the design phase if required.

SENSE has been installed as the world’s first ever see-through, touch-screen storefront in the Kalevala Jewellery flagship store in Helsinki, and was utilised as part of a high-tech immersive popup London event for the Paramount Pictures release of Ghost in the Shell in 2017.
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